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MotU faculty and researchers are regularly published in major research journals. Explore some of our notable studies.

2023 publications

“Chemistry, structure, and thermodynamic stabilization of SiOC polymer derived ceramics made from commercial precursors”, Gerson J. Leonel, Xin Guo, Gurpreet Singh, A. Navrotsky (2023). Read

“Energetic Insights into the Role of Quaternary Ammonium Cations in Zeolite Synthesis”, K. Jayanthi, Stacey I. Zones, A. Navrotsky (2023). Read

“Energetics and structure of SiC(N)(O) polymer-derived ceramics”, Gerson J. Leonel, Xin Guo, Gurpreet Singh, Christel Gervais, A. Navrotsky (2023). Read

“A new high voltage alluaudite sodium battery insertion material”, P. Barman, P. K. Jha, A. Chaupatnaik, K. Jayanthi, R. P. Rao, G. Sai Gautam, S. Franger, A. Navrotsky, P. Barpanda (2023). Read

“Acid–Base Properties of Oxides Derived from Oxide Melt Solution Calorimetry”, Anastasia Koryttseva, A. Navrotsky (2023). Read

“Calorimetric Study of Mixed Phosphates Na4M3(PO4)2P2O7 (M = Mn2+, Fe2+, Co2+, Ni2+) to Evaluate the Electrochemical Trends”, K. Jayanthi, Shubham Lochab, Prabeer Barpanda, A. Navrotsky (2023). Read

“Chemical and environmental stability of monazite-cheralite solid solutions Ln1-2xCaxThxPO4 (Ln = Pr, Nd; x = 0–0.15): A thermodynamic study”, Danwen Qin, Anna Shelyug, Stéphanie Szenknect, Adel Mesbah, Nicolas Clavier, Nicolas Dacheux, Alexandra Navrotsky (2023). Read

“Compositional Analysis of SiOC(H) Powders: A Comparison of X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) and Combustion Analysis”, Gerson J. Leonel, Xin Guo, Gurpreet Singh, Alexandra Navrotsky (2023). Read

“Energetics of formation and stability in high-pressure steam of barium lanthanide cobaltite double perovskites”, Aleksandra Mielewczyk-Gryń, Shuhao Yang, Maria Balaguer, Ragnar Strandbakke, Magnus H. Sørby, Iga Szpunar, Agnieszka Witkowska, Sebastian Wachowski, Jose M. Serra, Alexandra Navrotsky, Maria Gazda (2023). Read

“Heat capacity of microgram oxide samples by fast scanning calorimetry”, L. Bonatti, B. L. Brugman, T. Subramani, K. D. Leinenweber, Alexandra Navrotsky (2023). Read

“Structural and thermodynamic analysis of metal filler incorporations in SiaOb(M)cCd polymer derived ceramics: Ta, Hf, Nb”, Gerson J. Leonel, Manuel Scharrer, Gurpreet Singh, Alexandra Navrotsky (2023). Read

“Structural and thermodynamic effects of hydration in Na-zeolite A (LTA) from low-temperature heat capacity”, Matthew S. Dickson, Spencer G. Shumway, Grace Neilsen, Alexandra Navrotsky, Brian F. Woodfield (2023). Read

“Structural and thermodynamic evolution of an amorphous SiOC ceramic after swift heavy ion irradiation”, Min Niu, K. Jayanthi, Hongfei Gao, Alexandre P. Solomon, Eric C. O’Quinn, Lei Su, Yuanbin Qin, Maria Eugenia Toimil-Molares, Hongjie Wang, Maik Lang, Alexandra Navrotsky (2023). Read

“Surface energetics of wurtzite and sphalerite polymorphs of zinc sulfide and implications for their formation in nature”, Tamilarasan Subramani, Kristina Lilova, Megan Householder, Shuhao Yang, James Lyons, Alexandra Navrotsky (2023). Read

“Synthesis of mesoporous silica using a mineral silica source”, Langston Tillman, Albert Voskanyan, Alexandra Navrotsky (2023). Read

“Thermodynamic properties and superconductivity of natural carrollite (CuCo2S4)”, Alexis Gibson, Kristina Lilova, Tamilarasan Subramani, Bjorn von der Heyden, Dustin A. Gilbert, Alexandra Navrotsky, Brian F. Woodfield (2023). Read

“Thorium and Rare Earth Monoxides and Related Phases”, Sergey V. Ushakov, Qi Jun Hong, Dustin A. Gilbert, Alexandra Navrotsky, Axel van de Walle (2023). Read

“Water uptake and energetics of the formation of barium zirconate based multicomponent oxides”, Aleksandra Mielewczyk-Gryń, Tamilarasan Subramani, Daniel Jaworski, Kristina Lilova, Wojciech Skubida, Alexandra Navrotsky, Maria Gazda (2023). Read

2022 publications

“Competing Effects in the Hydration Mechanism of a Garnet-Type Li7La3Zr2O12
Electrolyte,” Y. Arinicheva, Z. Guo, M.T. Gerhards, F. Tietz, D. Fattakhova-
Rohlfing, M. Finsterbusch, A. Navrotsky, O. Guillon. Chem. Of Mater.,
34.1473-1480 (2022). Read

“Heat Capacity and Thermodynamic Functions of Partially Dehydrated Cation-
Exchanged (Na+, Cs+, Cd2+, Li+, and NH+4) RHO zeolites,” G. Neilsen, M.S.
Dickson, P.F. Rosen, X. Guo, A. Navrotsky, B.F. Woodfield. J. Chem.
Thermodynamics, 164 106620 (2022). Read

“Thermochemistry of Stoichiometric Rare Earth Oxyfluorides REOF” S. Yang, A.
Anderko, R. Riman, A. Navrotsky, J. Am. Ceramic Soc., 105, 1472-1480 (2022). Read

“The Low-Temperature Heat Capacity and Thermodynamic Properties of Greigite
(Fe3S4)”, S.G. Shumway, J. Wilson, K.I. Lilova, T. Subramani, A. Navrotsky, and
B.F. Woodfield. J. Chem. Thermodynamics, Submitted (2022). Read

“Entropy stabilization effects and ion migration in 3D “hollow” halide perovskites”,
J. Kumar, I. Spanopoulos, N. Zibouche, A. Voskanyan, E. Vasileiadou, M. Islam, A.
Navrotsky, M. Kanatzidis. J.Am. Chem. Soc., Submitted (2022). Read

“A Novelty Analytical Approach to Determine Oxidation States in Complex Refractory Oxides Containing Iron, Uranium, Cerium and Other Mixed Valence Cations” K. Al Essa, K, Lilova, L. Zhang, A. Navrotsky, Key Eng. Mater., 907, 77-82 (2022). Read

“Aqueous Spray-Drying Synthesis of Alluaudite Na2+2xFe2-x(SO4)3 Sodium
Insertion Material: Studies of Electrochemical Activity, Thermodynamic Stability
and Humidity Induced Phase Transition,” P. Barpanda, D. Dwibedi, K. Jayanthi,
S.S. Meena, S. Nagendran, A. Navrotsky, P. Barpanda. J Solid State Electrochem,
(2022). Read

“Calorimetric Study of Skutterudite (CoAs2.92) and Heazlewoodite (Ni3S2)”, J. Majzlan, S. Kiefer, K. Lilova, T. Subramani, A. Navrotsky, M. Tuhy, A. Vymazalova, D.A. Chareev, E. Dachs, A. Benisek, American Mineralogist, 107, 2219-2225 (2022). Read

“Energetics of Reactions between Ceramic Coating Materials and their Binary Oxide Components with Silicate Melts,” G. Costa, B. Harder, N. Bansal, J. Stokes, K. Lilova, T. Subramani, S. Ushakov, K. Meisner, A. Navrotsky, J. Am. Ceram. Soc.,105, 7795-7805 (2022). Read

 “Entropy Stabilization Effects and Ion Migration in 3D “Hollow” Halide Perovskites”, J. Kumar, I. Spanopoulos, N. Zibouche, A. Voskanyan, E. Vasileiadou, M. Islam, A. Navrotsky, M. Kanatzidis, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 144, 8223-8230 (2022). Read

“Facile Synthesis and Phase Stability of Cu-based Na2Cu(SO4)2.xH2O (x=0-2) Sulfate Minerals as Conversion type Battery Electrodes”, S. Singh, A. Neveu, K. Jayanthi, T. Das, S. Chakraborty, A. Navrotsky, V. Pralong, P. Barpanda, Dalton Trans., 51, 1169-11179, (2022). Read

“GeNCr3: A New Nitride Superconductor with Orthorhombic Antiperovskite Structure,” A. Reitz, H. Pazniak, C. Shen, H.K. Singh, K. Jayanthi, A. Navrotsky, H. Zhang, U. Wiedwald and C. Birkel, Chem. Mater., 1-7 (2022). Read

“Heat Capacity and Thermodynamic Functions of Partially Dehydrated Cation-Exchanged (Na+, Cs+, Cd2+, Li+, and NH+4) RHO Zeolites,” G. Neilsen, M.S. Dickson, P.F. Rosen, X. Guo, A. Navrotsky, B.F. Woodfield, J. Chem. Thermodynamics, 164, 106620 (2022). Read

“Melting Temperature Prediction Using a Graph Neural Network Model: from Ancient Minerals to New Materials,” Q.-J. Hong, S. Ushakov, A. van de Walle, A. Navrotsky, PNAS119, 1-5 (2022). Read

“Probing Capacity Trends in MLi2Ti6O14 Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes using Calorimetric Studies,” K. Jayanthi, A. Chaupatnaik, P. Barpanda, A. Navrotsky, ACS Omega, 10.1021 (2022). Read

“Surface Energetics of Wurtzite and Sphalerite Polymorphs of Zinc Sulfide and Implications for their Formation in Nature,” T. Subramani, K. Lilova, M. Householder, S. Yang, J. Lyons, A. Navrotsky, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 340, 99-107 (2022). 

“Synthesis of Mesoporous Silica Using a Mineral Silica Source,” L. Tillman, A. Voskanyan and A. Navrotsky, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 10.1111 1-7 (2022). Read

“The Low-Temperature Heat Capacity and Thermodynamic Properties of Greigite (Fe3S4)”, S.G. Shumway, J. Wilson, K.I. Lilova, T. Subramani, A. Navrotsky, and B.F. Woodfield, J. Chem. Thermodynamics, 173, 106836 (2022). Read

“Thermochemistry of 3D and 2D Rare Earth Oxychlorides (REOCIs),” S. Yang, A. Anderko, R. Riman, A. Navrotsky, Inorg. Chem., 61, 7590-7596 (2022). Read

“Thermodynamic Stabilization of Crystalline Silicon Carbide Polymer Derived Ceramic Fibers,” G. Leonel, S.B. Mujib, G. Singh, A. Navrotsky, Int. J. Ceram. Eng. Sci., 4, 315-326 (2022). Read

2021 publications

“A Comparison of Order-Disorder in Several Families of Cubic Oxides,” T.
Subramani, A. Voskanyan, K. Jayanthi, M. Abramchuk, A. Navrotsky. Front.
Chem., 9, 719169 (2021). Read

“A New Class of Entropy Stabilized Oxides: Commensurately Modulated A6B2O17
(A = Zr, Hf; B = Nb, Ta) Structures,” A. Voskanyan, K. Lilova, S. McCormack, W.
Kriven, A. Navrotsky. Scr. Mater., 204, 114139 (2021). Read

“A Simple Method for Computing the Formation Free Energies of Metal Oxides,” H.
Chen, Q. Hong, S. Ushakov, A. Navrotsky, A. van de Walle. Comp.Mater. Sci., 198
110692 (2021). Read

“Chapmanite [Fe2Sb(Si2O5)O3(OH)]: Thermodynamic Properties and Formation
in Low-Temperature Environments,” J. Majzlan, S. Kiefer, K. Lilova, T. Subramani,
A. Navrotsky, E.Dachs, A. Benisek. Eur. J. Mineral., 33 357-371 (2021). Read

“Characterization of Structural Changes in Modern and Archaeological Burnt Bone:
Implications for Differential Preservation Bias,” G. Gallo, M. Fyhrie, C. Paine, S.
Ushakov, M. Izuho, G. Byambaa, N. Zwyns, A. Navrotsky. PLoS ONE, 16,
0254529 (2021). Read

“Cooperative Formation of Porous Silica and Peptides on the Prebiotic Earth,” A.
Navrotsky, R. Hervig, J. Lyons, D.-K. Seo, E. Shock, A. Voskanyan. Proc. Natl.
Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 118, 2021117118 (2021). Read

“Drop Solution Calorimetric Studies of Interface Enthalpy of Cubic Silver (I) Oxide
(Ag2O) Nanocrystals,” K. Al-Essa, A.V. Radha, A. Navrotsky. Key Eng. Mater.,
878, 73-80 (2021). Read

“Effect of Annealing on Structural and Thermodynamic Properties of ThSiO4-
ErPO4 Xenotime Solid Solution,” A. Shelyug, M. Rafiuddin, A. Mesbah, N. Clavier,
S. Szenhnect, N. Dacheux, X. Guo, A. Navrotsky. Inorg. Chem., 60, 12020-12028
(2021). Read

“Effects of Al:Si and (Al+Na):Si Ratios on the Properties of the International Simple
Glass, Part I: Physical Properties,” J. T. Reiser, X. Lu, B. Parruzot, H. Liu, T.
Subramani, H. Kaya, R. Kissinger, J.V. Crum, J.V. Ryan, A. Navrotsky, S.H. Kim,
J.D. Vienna, J. Am. Ceram. Soc, 104, 167-182 (2021). Read

“Energetics of the Local Environment of Structure Directing Agents Influence
Zeolite Synthesis,” S. Zones, J. Kumar, D. Xie, A. Navrotsky. Chem. Mater., 33,
2126-2138 (2021). Read

“Energetic Stability and Its Role in the Mechanism of Ionic Transport in NASICON-
type Solid State Electrolyte Li1+xAlxTi2-x(PO4)3,” M. Abramchuk, A. A.
Voskanyan, Y. Arinicheva, K. Lilova, T. Subramani, Q. Ma, E. Dashjav, M.
Finsterbusch, A. Navrotsky. J. Phys. Chem Lett., 12, 4400-4406 (2021). Read

“Fe (II) Induced Reduction of Incorporated U(VI) to U(V) in Goethite,” O. Stagg, K.
Morris, A. Lam, A. Navrotsky, J. Velazquez, B. Schacherl, T. Vitova, J. Rothe, J.
Galanzew, A. Neumann, P. Lythgoe, L. Abrahamsen-Mills, S. Shaw. ACS Environ.
Sci. Tech., 55, 16445-16454 (2021). Read

“Heat Capacities and Thermodynamic Functions of Neodymia and Samaria Doped
Ceria,” G. Neilsen, P.F. Rosen, M.S. Dickson, M. Popovic, J. Schliesser, L.D.
Hansen, A. Navrotsky, B. Woodfield. J. Chem. Thermodyn., 158, 106454 (2021). Read

“Heat Capacity and Thermodynamic Functions of Partially Dehydrated Sodium and
Zinc Zeolite A (LTA),” M.S. Dickson, P.F. Rosen, G. Neilsen, J.J. Calvin, A.
Navrotsky, B.F. Woodfield, Am. Mineral., 116, 1341-1348 (2021). Read

“Heat Capacity and Thermodynamic Functions of Transition Metal Ion (Cu2+,
Fe2+, Mn2+) Exchanged, Partially Dehydrated Zeolite A (LTA),” M.S. Dickson, P.F.
Rosen, G. Neilsen, A. Navrotsky, B. Woodfield. J. Chem Thermodyn., In press
(2021). Read

“Insight on the Stability of Thick Layers in 2D Ruddlesden-Popper and Dion-
Jacobson Lead Iodide Perovskites,” E. Vasileiadou, B. Wang, I. Spanopoulos, I.
Hadar, A. Navrotsky, M. Kanatzidis. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 143, 2523-2536 (2021). Read

“Marinite Li2Ni(SO4)2 as a New Member of Bisulfate Family of High-Voltage
Lithium Battery Cathodes,” S. Singh, P. K. Jha, M. Avdeev, W. Zhang, K. Jayanthi,
A. Navrotsky, H. N. Alshareef, P. Barpanda. Chem. Mater., 33, 6108-6119 (2021). Read

“Materials of the Universe: The Final Chemical Frontier,” A. Navrotsky, K. Lilova.
ACS Earth and Space Chemistr.,5, 1812 (2021). Read

“Measurements of Density of Liquid Oxides with Aero-Acoustic Levitator,” S.
Ushakov, J. Niessen, D.G. Quirinale, R. Prieler, A. Navrotsky, R. Telle. Materials,
14, 822 (2021). Read

“New Worlds, New Chemistry, New Ceramics,” A. Navrotsky, M. Householder, Int.
J. Ceram. Eng. Sci., 3, 252-266 (2021).

“Pressure-induced Structural Changes Cause Large Enhancement of
Photoluminescence in Halide Perovskites: A Quantitative Relationship,” A.
Navrotsky. National Science Review, 8, mwab041, (2021). Read

“Radiation Effects in the Crystalline-Amorphous SiOC Polymer-Derived Ceramics:
Insights from Experiments and Molecular Dynamics Simulation,” M. Niu, H. Gao, Z.
Zhao, H. Wang, L. Su, L. Zhuang, S. Jia, A. Navrotsky. ACS Appl. Mater.
Interfaces, 13, 40106-40117 (2021). Read

“Shear Pleasure: The Structure, Formation Mechanisms, and Thermodynamics of
Crystallographic Shear Phases,” A. Voskanyan and A. Navrotsky. Annual Review
of Materials Research, 51, 521-540 (2021). Read

“Structure-Property and Thermodynamic Relationships in Rare Earth (Y, Eu, Pr)
Iridate Pyrochlores,” T. Nenoff, D. Rademacher, M. Rodriguez, Mark; Sandia
National Laboratories, T. Garino, T. Subramani, A. Navrotsky. J. Solid State
Chem., 299, 122163 (2021). Read

“Structure and Thermodynamics of Silicon Oxycarbide Polymer-Derived Ceramics
with and without Mixed-Bonding” C. Sugie, A. Navrotsky, S. Lauterbach, H.
Kleebe, G. Mera. Materials, 14, 4075 (2021). Read

“Synthesis and Thermodynamics of Uranium-Incorporated α-Fe2O3
Nanoparticles,” A. Lam, F. Hyler, O. Stagg, K. Morris, S. Shaw, J. M. Velázquez, A.
Navrotsky. J. Nucl. Mater., 556, 153172 (2021). Read

“Thermochemical Investigation of Stability and Conversion of Nanocrystalline and
High Temperature Phases in Sodium Neodymium Fluorides,” S. Yang, K. Jayanthi,
A. Anderko, R. Riman, A. Navrotsky. Chem. of Mater., 33, 9571-9579 (2021). Read

“Thermochemistry and Phase Stablility of the Polymorphs of Yttrium Tantalate,
YTaO4,” M. Lepple, S. Ushakov, K. Lilova, C. A. Macauley, A.N. Fernandez, C.G.
Levi, A. Navrotsky. J. Eur. Ceram. Soc., 41, 1629-1638 (2021). Read

“Thermochemistry of Sodium Rare Earth Ternary Fluorides, NaREF4,” S. Yang, A.
Anderko, R. Riman, A. Navrotsky, Acta Materialia, 220, 117289 (2021). Read

“Thermodynamics of Cesium Lead Halide (CsPbX3, X= I, Br, Cl) Perovskites,” B.
Wang, A. Navrotsky, Thermochim. Acta, 695, 178813 (2021). Read

“Thermodynamics of Fluorite-Structured Oxides Relevant to Nuclear Energy: A
Review,” A. Shelyug and A. Navrotsky, ACS Earth Space Chem., 5, 703-721
(2021). Read

“Calorimetric Study of Skutterudite (CoAs2.92) and Heazlewoodite (Ni3S2),” J.
Majzlan, S. Kiefer, K. Lilova, T. Subramani, A. Navrotsky, M. Tuhy, A. Vymazalova,
D.A., Chareev, E. Dachs, A. Benisek

“Cryogenic Heat Capacity Measurements and Thermodynamic Analysis of Lithium
Aluminum Layered Double Hydroxides (LDHs) with Intercalated Chloride,” K.
Jayanthi, G. Neilsen, P.F. Rosen, C.I. Anderson, M.S. Dickson, S.F. Evans, M.P.
Paranthaman, B.F. Woodfield, A. Navrotsky. American Mineralogist, 107, 709-715
(2021). Read

“Aqueous Spray-Drying Synthesis of Alluaudite Na2+2xFe2-x(SO4)3 Sodium
Insertion Material: Studies of Electrochemical Activity, Thermodynamic Stability
and Humidity Induced Phase Transition,” P. Barpanda, D. Dwibedi, K. Jayanthi,
S.S. Meena, S. Nagendran, A. Navrotsky, P. Barpanda. J Solid State Electrochem,
(2021). Read

“Energetics and Structure of the B-type Solid Solutio in the Nd2O3Y2O3system,”
R. Mandia, A. Navrotsky. J. Am. Ceramic Soc., Submitted (2021). Read

2020 publications

“A Geologic Si-O-C Pathway to Incorporate Carbon in Silicates,” A. Navrotsky, J.
Percival, L. Dobrzhinetskaya, Y. Lin in “Carbon in Earth’s Interior,” C.E. Manning
Ed., Amer. Geophys. Union Monograph, Chapter 5, pp. 47-54 (2020). Read

“Thermochemistry of the ZrO2–SrO System: From Enthalpies of Formation and
Heat Capacities of the Compounds to the Phase Diagram,” W. Gong, Y. Xie, Z.
Zhao, Y. Li, A. Navrotsky, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 103, 1425-1435 (2020). Read

“The Thermodynamics of Gas Absorption and Guest-induced Flexibility in Zeolite
Y,” X. Guo, P. Zhang, A. Navrotsky, Microporous Mesoporous Mater., 294, 109893
(2020). Read

“Thermochemistry of Cation-Disordered Li ion Battery Cathode Materials,
Li1+xM’xM’’1-2xO2 (M’ = Nb and Ta, M’’ = Mn and Fe),” T. Subramani, A.
Navrotsky, RSC Advances, 10, 6540-6546 (2020). Read

“Thermodynamic Evidence of Structural Transformations in the CO2-Loaded Metal
Organic Framework Zn(MeIm)2 from Heat Capacity Measurements,” P. Rosen, M.
Dickson, J. Calvin, N. Ross, T. Friscic, A. Navrotsky, B. Woodfield, J. Am. Chem.
Soc., 142, 4833-4841 (2020). Read

“Quantifying Oxygen Vacancies in Neodymium and Samarium Doped Ceria from
Heat Capacity Measurements,” G. Neilsen, P. Rosen, M. Dickson, M. Popovic, J.
Schliesser, L. Hansen, A. Navrotsky, B. Woodfield, Acta Mater., 108, 740-744
(2020). Read

“Thermodynamic Assessment of BaO – Ln2O3 (Ln = La, Pr, Eu, Gd, Er) Systems,”
W. Gong, Y. Liu, Y. Xie, Z. Zhao, S.V. Ushakov, A. Navrotsky, J. Am. Ceram. Soc.,
103, 3896-3904 (2020). Read

“Thermodynamic Studies of Bromide Incorporation into Cesium Lead Iodide
(CsPbI3),” B. Wang, A. Navrotsky, J. Phys. Chem. C, 124, 8639−8642 (2020). Read

“Hydration Structure and Water Exchange Kinetics at Xenotime-water Interfaces:
Implications for Rare Earth Minerals Separation,” S. Roy, L. Wu, S.G. Srinivasan,
A.G. Stack, A. Navrotsky, V.S. Bryantsev, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 22,
7719-7727 (2020). Read

“Steam-Induced Coarsening of Single-Unit-Cell MFI Zeolite Nanosheets and its
Effect on External Surface Brønsted Acid Catalysis,” Y. Guefrachi, G. Sharma, D.
Xu, G. Kumar, K.P. Vinter, O.A. Abdelrahman, X. Li, S. Alhassan, P.J.
Dauenhauer, A. Navrotsky, W. Zhang, and M. Tsapatsis, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.,
59, 9579-9585 (2020). Read

“Molecular Recognition at Mineral Surfaces for Improved Recovery of Rare Earth
Ores,” J. Sutton, S. Roy, A. Chowdhury, L. Wu, A. Wanhala, N. De Silva, S.
Jansone-Popova, B. Hay, M. Cheshire, T. Windus, A. Stack, A. Navrotsky, B.
Moyer, B. Doughty, V. Bryantsev, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 12, 16327-16341
(2020). Read

“Thermochemistry of Rare Earth Oxyhydroxides, REOOH (RE = Eu to Lu),” S.
Yang, M. Powell, J.W. Kolis, A. Navrotsky, J. Solid State Chem., 287, 131244
(2020). Read

“Systematic Water Uptake Energetics of Yttrium Doped Barium Zirconate – A High
Resolution Thermochemical Study,” M. Goncalves, A. Mielewczyk-Gryn, P.
Maram, L. Kryscio, M. Gazda, A. Navrotsky, J. Phys. Chem. C, 124, 11308−11316
(2020). Read

“Energetic Insights into the Crystallization of Lanthanum Carbonate Amorphous
Precursors,” A. Koryttseva, A. Navrotsky, Thermochim. Acta, 688, 178605 (2020). Read

“In Situ High Temperature Synchrotron Diffraction Studies of (Fe, Cr, Al)3O4
Spinels,” C. Agca, J.C. Neuefeind, J.W. McMurray, J. Liu, C.J. Benmore, R.J.K.
Weber, A. Navrotsky, Inorg. Chem., 59, 5949-5957 (2020). Read

“Thermodynamics Drives the Stability of the MOF-74 Family in Water,” A.
Voskanyan, V. Goncharov, N. Novendra, X. Guo, A. Navrotsky, ACS Omega, 5,
13158-13163 (2020). Read

“Entropy Stabilization of TiO2-Nb2O5 Wadsley-Roth Shear Phases and their
Prospects for Lithium Ion Battery Anode Materials,” A. Voskanyan, M. Abramchuk,
A. Navrotsky, Chem. Mater., 32, 5301-5308 (2020). Read

“Energetics of CO2 and H2O Adsorption on Alkaline Earth Metal Doped TiO2,” A.L.
DaSilva, L. Wu, L. Caliman, R. Castro, A. Navrotsky, D. Gouvea, Phys. Chem.
Chem. Phys., 22,15600-15607 (2020). Read

“Melting Temperature Measurement of Refractory Oxide Ceramics as a Function of
Oxygen Fugacity using Containerless Methods,” C. Agca, J.C. Neuefeind, J.W.
McMurray, R.J.K. Weber, A. Navrotsky, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 103, 4867-4875
(2020). Read

“Thermal Analysis of High Entropy Rare Earth Oxides,” S. Ushakov, S. Hayun, W.
Gong, A. Navrotsky. Materials, 13, 3141-3159 (2020). Read

“Conductivity, Structure, and Thermodynamics of Y2Ti2O7-Y3NbO7 Solid
Solutions,” P. Winiarz, A. Mielewczyk-Gryń, K. Lilova, S. Wachowski, T.
Subramani, M. Abramchuk, E. Dzik, A. Navrotsky, M. Gazda. Dalton Trans., 49,
10839-10850, (2020). Read

“Development of High Temperature Oxide Melt Solution Calorimetry for p-Block
Element Containing Materials,” M. Abramchuk, K. Lilova, T. Subramani, R. Yoo, A.
Navrotsky, J. Mater. Res., 35, 2239-2246 (2020). Read

“A Synergistic Approach to Unraveling the Thermodynamic Stability of Binary and
Ternary Chevrel-Phase Sulfides,” K. Lilova, J. Perryman, N. Singstock, M.
Abramchuk, T. Subramani, A. Lam, R. Yoo, J. Ortiz-Rodriguez, C. Musgrave, A.
Navrotsky, J. Velazquez. Chem. Mater. 32, 7044-7051 (2020). Read

“Disorder in Ho2Ti2-xZrxO7: Pyrochlore to Defect Fluorite Solid Solution Series,”
D. Drey, E. O’Quinn, T. Subramani, K. Lilova, G. Baldinozzi, I. Gussev, A.F.
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